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(He Must Not Screw the World)

That's our uncomplicated philosophy.

We make a product which requires materials and energy, so we're not perfect.

But here's what we're doing to give you a great product that doesn't screw the world:

We use better materials. That means modal instead of cotton, because it uses less water (20 times less in fact) and its even softer and more breathable. That means natural Corozo buttons, not plastic. It means 100% recyclable and re-usable packaging, not poly bags and pointless tissue paper. 

We demand high standards. All of our material suppliers have to provide certificates from the catchily named 'OEKO-TEK' company. They are an international monitoring organisation who visit the suppliers, audit their processes and issue certificates based on the guarantee that those suppliers are avoiding prohibited or harmful chemicals. 

We don't act like dicks. That means not only do we ask our factories to sign up to the charter on workers' rights recommended by the Ethical Trading Initiative, but we also make a promise to them not to demand the kind of last-minute changes or rushed orders which force suppliers to compromise their standards to meet ludicrous deadlines.

We keep it real. We understand that you don't live your life in a studio with six lighting rigs and a retoucher. That's why we shoot our models just the way you wear our boxers, lit only by natural sunlight. 

We're not finished. We're still a young business and we've got a lot to learn. If you've got an idea to help us take better care of the planet or the people we work with, we want to hear it. In the meantime, here's what we're focusing on to take it to the next level:

Working with DHL to offset the carbon emissions from our shipping.

Working with our suppliers to co-fund the OEKO-TEK 'Made in Green' certification, the highest certification for supply chains which covers materials, manufacturing processes and working conditions.